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Rascal: A Meowmoir

Rascal: A Meowmoir - Claire  Noble The best part of Rascal: A Meowmoir was the illustrations. It was a cute story overall, but felt disjointed at times.

The language was trying to be simple and straightforward, but there were inconsistently complex words and place names thrown in which would be a challenge for children just learning to read. It felt like the author ran out of things to say at the end of the book, but I actually felt like the sentence/image ratio was more appropriate in the last few pages.

There were some good themes in the book, such as how personal challenges can lead to self-discovery (like Rascal catching bees), but I wish the author had focused the idea more clearly on overcoming challenges, and less on every significant event and place of residence for Rascal.

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